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the hands of police. the conflict between witnesses and police. a key piece of evidence found today. "they're willing to donate 5 -10 dollars just to help out this family in deep deep pain." people coming together to help a child whose mother was found dead in the street of a quiet east bay neighborhood. and the new information that could lead to a murder suspect. open ahead of schedule. how the work on southern california's 405 freeway got do . and the new information that could lead to a murder suspect. open ahead officed of. >> san francisco police are testing a potentially key piece
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of evidence in yesterday's deadly officer-involved shooting of a 19-year-old. as anger builds in response of that teenager who police say fired a weapon at them. them. lindaa yee shows us -- >> reporter: i just spoke to police chief greg sur. he says the 19-year-old was a parolee from washington state and he is a person of interest in the shooting of four people up there, including a pregnant woman who was killed. police say they shot him but in self-defense. minutes after the shooting, they never found the weapon until they were tipped off today by a you tube video. a witness video posted posted on you tube documents the
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shooting. >> it went one, two, three, four you are five, six. >> on the ground, a weapon picked up by someone in the crowd, police looked at that video, identified the person, and recovered the gun today. investigators believe it's the same .45 caliber weapon used by the suspect to fire at officers. >> the suspect fled on foot. at this point we believe the suspect fired backwards at the off service and they returned fire. he was struck and wounded. >> today, bayview residents were angered, gathering on the platform where they -- the man did not have a gun. they shot that man and let that man die in front of my face and in front of these kids' faces. while they chanted, dozens of officers stood by and watched.
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the chief says the suspect is a 19-year-old resident with a criminal history, but the people say they want to know why he had to be shot and killed. >> if you look around, you can see the frustration. there's no relationship between the community and the police department, obviously. they show up on motorcycles, riot gear, so it becomes intimidating to these people and excited they lost a loved one, so the excitement is bringing about this. the ancestors inside of them are crying out today. >> the community is hurting. we're really fragile at this particular state. i'm looking for swift, thoughtful, compassionate, as well as transparent answers and leadership from our city family. >> well, besides police, the district attorney is investigating this incident and internal affairs. the suspect was shot and killed by police, but tonight he was the focus of another shooting in washington state.
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>> linda, thank you. new information this evening on the young mother whose burned body was found in oakland. police have identified a person of interest in the killing of 21-year-old monica rodis. her body was found thursday morning. anne makovec on the car wash today for the effort to raise money for her funeral and the trust for her son. >> she was happy and outgoing. she loved her son. i will tell you that much. >> she'll speaking about her best friend monica rodis who was found after having being set on fire. >> the human being who's out there did this. that should be alarming. >> police believe she was assault order killed some wrestle first. they don't know the motive and they have no suspects. >> a human being is dead. a human being was burned alive. as a bay area community, we need to be out rajon rajon --
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outraged. >> she's from union city, a 22- year-old mother of a 2-year-old son. >> a beautiful baby. her baby is a large part of this fundraiser. the goal is to raise money for his future after they raise enough to pay for the funeral of his mother. >> this community may not have a lot of fun, but they're willing to donate five or ten dollars just to help out this family in deep, deep pain. >> she doesn't say much about the crime, just that there's one thing she wants. >> justice. long after the car wash, they're going to continue the take donations for the family of monica rodis at the east lake ymca. anne makovec, cbs. after weeks of warnings that drove to fear carmageddon
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in los angeles, the shuttown of a highway ended way ahead of schedule. jeff talks about the impacts on traffic. >> the now world famous 405 freeway is moving again right behind me. the traffic flow is coming in about 18 hours ahead of schedule. that's a very significant number because it's adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings when it comes to the taxpayers. >> he's the first one. >> an anxious driver got a jump start on the rest of california after sneaking onto the 405 minutes before the freeway reopened this morning. >> we got to experience the thrill of clear lanes for ourselves after police allowed us on. >> mission accomplished. >> during a news conference overlooking the 405, l.a. mayor made the official announcement that the closed portion of one of the busiest freeways in the country would
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reopen nearly 18 hours ahead of schedule. it also meant a $400,000 savings to taxpayers because extra police and firefighters would not be deployed for another 12-hour shift. and the prime contractor is getting a bonus for finishing ahead of schedule. >> we have 12-hour shifts that cost about $700,000. they're getting $300,000 of it. >> but the tear down of the south side of the bridge also caused a number of local businesses in and around the pass to go -- this weekend. fear of what was called carmageddon caused some businesses to take a hit. >> you can't build a world class system to get people around without some inconvenience. >> the freeway was slated to reopen at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, but at 8:00 this morning, major demolition work was done. >> all the contingency time you
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put in for down equipment went flawlessly. >> as smoothly as this project went, we're not even halfway done with the plans for the bridge. local officials say they don't want to take what happened this weekend for granted. >> we'll have a big period like we did this time around to really do the outreach so everybody understands. >> part two of this demolition project is doesn'ted to take 53 hours as well, however, instead of three concrete girters that need to come down, there will be four next year, and instead of two concrete columns, there will be twice as m. today the man in charge wants to use the same tactic to get people not to get into their cars next summer. however, the big question is how many people will do that considering what happened this weekend. for now, we're in the -- pass.
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>> all right. live in los angeles, thank you. thousands of soccer fans watched the women's world cup final on the big screen today. a free public viewing of the game was held at civic center plaza in san francisco. u.s. soccer team facing japan in what was an exciting game. going into penalty kick. jennifer is going to have complete highlights in sports, not going to give it away. a free woman and no one knows where she is, not even her mother. >> she's going to need some immediate protection. >> casey anthony, the mixed reaction from those watching her walk free. also, another arrest in the growing scandal over a tabloid newspaper brought down in a phone hacking scheme, and a twist in the chipping away of a
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media empire. have you had enough of the warm temperatures, there's a cooling on the way. i've got the forecast up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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anthony is now. she le after midnight, wi she spent nearly three years behind bars, but few know where casey anthony is right now. she left a florida jail just after midnight with $537 in her pocket. the money sent by admirers. a jury convicted the 25-year- old of lying to investigators but acquitted her of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. the decision angered many. some gathered outside the jail yelled baby killer. for others, her release was simply something to see. >> we just left one of the theme parks and we were on our way home and stopped here. >> i thought it would be interesting to be in the presence of this. >> into you wanted to be part of history? >> yeah. >> media helicopters following anthony lost her as she
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disappeared into a parking structure. security experts say they believe she's a genuine target for violence. attorneys say they've received at least one death threat. the woman considered to be a surrogate daughter of rupert murdoch was arrested today earlier in connection with the phone hacking schedule. scotland yard lost its chief hours later. >> british police want rebekah brooks what she knows surrounding the empire. she was arrested when she went to the police station for a planned appointment. she was scheduled to appear before parliament on tuesday. some question the timing of the arrest. >> i really do feel that -- >> another unexpected twist came hours after her arrest. london chief of police resigned
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over questions on how the department has investigated the case and his links to a key figure in the scandal. a former news of the world executive editor. >> i, and the people who know me, know that my integrity is completely intact. >> the scandal includes police bribes and has beening voice mails of celebrities, murder victims and -- >> there are questions about whether the foreign corrupt practices act has been violated by rupert murdoch and his news empire and what's going on in england is startling, the extent they went to the break the law to try to report a story. >> a direct apology from rupert murdoch, it read we are sorry. >> well, enough of the cool temperatures. it's going to get warmer. i've got the details coming up
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next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. >> all right. erica is here, and i do feel that little hint of summer coming back our way. >> good, i'm happy. i forecasted that for you because i know how warm you wanted it to be. cooler temperatures for the next 48 hours and then the high pressure system is going to start to expand. warmer temperatures by the middle of the week. here's a look outside. we're seeing mid level clouds
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across the region. for the most part, they will dry out by the early morning hours. here's a look at the images here. the ridge is starting to influence the area, so we're going to start feeling warmer temperatures by the middle of the week. for tomorrow morning we're going to see the clouds start to fade away. the fog will start to evaporate by the early morning hours, so not sticking around as long as they have been. this evening we can expect temperatures to range from the mid-50s to high 70s, gusty winds inland. patchy fog for the bay. sunset, 8:30 p.m., so you still have time to get out there and enjoy the rest of your day. lows trending about average. that's because we have plenty of clouds to keep us warm at the surface. tomorrow, temperatures a little warmer, about two to three degrees warmer. today we've got 60s and 70s.
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50s and 60s for the coast and finally seeing 80s inland. we do like this warming trend we're starting to see. this low system, it's going to start to retreat a little. the high pressure is going to start to expand and that means high temperatures and dry weather by the middle of the week. this is what we can expect for the week. a cool start. below average high temperatures and sunny and clouds to start. here's what we can expect for your extended forecast. a gradual warmup is in store and finally seeing some 90s inland by wednesday. juliet, looking like your visitors will have a wonderful time here in the bay area. >> they came from the east coast and want some sun. >> all right. erica, thanks so much. all right. dennis is here. still, i don't know. i'm in mourning. >> i got up this morning, british open started at 6:00 a.m. from there to the women's world cup and, of course, to baseball. kind of an up and down day. giants and as, they both go for
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series wins. the united states put in extra time in the world cup final. would it be enough? the answer is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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world cup. a sentimental pick .s. in it's safe to say the rest of the world was rooting for japan. a sentimental team who had never beaten the united states.
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the united states suffered a loss and laura cheney injured her ankle. she was replaced by alex morgan. 69th minute. meghan rapinoe. the u.s. can't have the clock run fast enough. 10:00 left. two defenders fail to clear it. and it's put away. the match is level. headed to 30 minutes of extra time. it's not sudden death. 104th minute. abby wambach, the u.s. leads 2- s but still more time for japan. 117th minute, off a corner kick. homare sawa. her fifth goal of the tournament and headed to penalty kicks after that number. now, the u.s. didn't beat brazil on penalty kicks.
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different story today. shannon bach, toby heath all missed and it all came down to this. japan clenches it, their first every world cup title and the first over the u.s. for the earthquake and tsunami -- country. >> we worked so hard and believed in each other through everything, and the olympics are around the corner. it's obviously going to hurt for a while, but i'm proud of our team. we never gave up, and congratulations to the japan team. i think their country is very, very proud of them. >> another sentimental favorite. five years ago, darren clark's wife lost his battle with cancer, now, 32, his best golf thought to be behind him. he was scheduled to work for tv
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this weekend if he missed the cut. instead, he held the lead. wild weather, it was raining dance moves on the practice rain. phil mickelson and -- getting -- mickelson might do that more often. he tore up the front nine. no. 7, eagle. he caught clark. it's raining eagles, serious storms in the middle of the final round. a chance for an eagle at seven, and he also takes advantage. he's back in front by two. to the ninth, clark with a tough line off the fairway. it's a low approach. it somehow got over the bunker, rolled up to the green. he saved par. this is an awfully fortunate bounce and clark knew it. mickelson trying to save par at 11. this bogey spelled the end of his bid for the title. clark, won the challenge and element and was able to soak up
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the applause on 18th fairway. 42-year-old taps in to win. his first major championship over three strokes over mickelson and johnson. prominent victory for one of golf's most prominent players. >> i'm your normal ordinary guy. this week has been incredible. you know, i'm just -- the people like me, they all seem very pleased. it's wonderful. i have so many people i could thank along the way of my career, but to eventually get here at 42, it's incredible. killer bees in san diego where the padres hosted the giants. the giants swarmed by bees. matt cain was pitching when orlando hudson -- 5 rbis for hudson in the last two games.
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andrea torres. eli whiteside to score at three. it stays that way with a runner on third. chris stewart, question, emmanuel burriss scores. mc hammer bobblehead day at the coliseum. he threw out the first pitch. 80s all weekend long. gio making his first start of the 2nd half, struck out eight in 7 shutout inning. he got all the run support he needed in the first inning. grand slam off pineiro. still in the first, weeks singles up. huge weekend for weeks. as win 9-1, take three out of four from the angels. >> wow, got to love clark. and mc hammer looks good. >> doesn't he. can't touch this. ,,,,
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